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The labels used here

How can I find the posts I want to read? The answer is: very easy! I have established various labels, which contain the blog posts covering that topic. I wil briefly explain them below, so you can easily find what you are looking for. About me Surprise - those posts are about me. In those I introduce myself, reflect on my experiences and learning process and other fun jazz. About my project Another surprise - here I am talking about my project, Kontakt mellem Mennesker. You can find precise information about what we are and what we do. Monthly updates The name says it all - updates from August 2020 until July 2021. For future volunteers Here you can find tips, places to visit in Denmark and much more. Just give it a try, maybe you find something that could be interesting for you (:

Volunteering and Corona

  Two words that don't work well together Of course I had to create a post dedicated to the little thing that controls all of our lives right now.  It's a sure thing that my volunteering year here in Denmark didn't exactly take the turn I expected and wanted - I can't go to events, can't meet other volunteers, see the country and can't even work is my usual working place right now. But hey, I always tell myself at least I'm still in Denmark and not stuck in Austria.  And yes, it can get lonely at times. There is not much to do except from working, walking, reading and seeing Kristyna from time to time. It can be hard at times, as it feels like time is running out and I cannot do all of the things I really want to do. It also can be sad at times, as there are so many people and places here in Denmark I want to visit before we part again in June/July. Sometimes it even feels like there is absolutely nothing positive about the situation we are in right now. But

January 2021

New year, new chances As written in my previous post, I have spent some time in Austria. In the end, I had some fun days, but was quite happy to return to Denmark. My mother and my grandmother dropped me off at the airport and I wanted to get on my flight to Amsterdam, in order to take another plane to Copenhagen. Guess what - they changed their restrictions and I wan't able to board without a negative PCR-test, which I didn't have. Great! I took a test for 120€ (in Denmark it's for free) and we drove to the airport again 2 days later. This time it worked and I finally was on my 12-hour-trip to Ollerup. my mother, my grandmother and me at our first trip to the airport Vincent, our dog, was extremely happy to see me, as Kristyna moved to another family and he missed his scratchies from us two. Vincent enjoying the foggy view Surprisingly it wasn't weird coming back to my 'host-house' at all. I was greeted warmly again and nothing seemed to change. It was like I n

December 2020

Christmas - do I have to say more? December was a wild month. There were Ups and Downs, which just made me learn more about myself and the way I handle different situations. But still, altogether I have had a very nice Chrismtastime and had it cosy. Christmastime in Svendborg The first thing I noticed in December was the fact that it got very dark. I drove to work or school in darkness and came home in darkness. There were days when I didn't even see the sun. Of course, it was tricky in the beginning, as I wasn't used to so much darkness, but in the end, I could live with it and knew exactly how to cheer me up. That feeling of being overwhelmed by the darkness stuck with me for some time. It also kind of initiated a feeling of homesickness, which was a little had to get over this time, but, as Axl Rose used to sing: Nothing lasts forever, even no November Rain. (this one should've came last month, huh) my mornings in Svendborg Even though we were a little restricted at work

November 2020

Mayday, it starts to get dark On the first day at school in November our teacher at school showed us a video of a man. He said that the year has actually 16 months, and that 4 of these are November, as it's getting dark and cold. But I have to admit, this month went by quite fast, even though some days seemed to last forever. It's actually going great with my Danish classes. I caught up very quickly and I can already understand a lot of things and have Smalltalk with people. My co-workers and my host family started to talk more to me in Danish and I'm perfectly fine with it. the language school in the middle of Svendborg - LaerDansk In addition to that, I started talking Danish to the kids at the scouts. It feels good to finally be able to communicate with them and they appreciate it, too. We made our own paper and Christmas cards, which was a lot of fun. the lovely Christmas cards we made As I have Danish classes until 2 and go to work afterwards, I am very tired at times.

October 2020

One down - 9 to go!   New month, new experiences, new feelings. On the first of October I was kind of stunned, as my first month here was already over. Time flew! But now, on to the update. ICYE provides me not only with a mentor, but also with a contact person. Luckily, mine also lives in Ollerup, so it was easy meeting her. She is very nice with me, checks up on me regularly and I can always seek help in her. Additionally, we share some interests. Our first meeting was at my host family's house, which was cosy.  At Genbrugskontakten I was a part of a special workday. The daily leader there told me that we were going to "drive genbrug" but honestly, I never even had an idea what she was talking about. I came in only at 1 pm and we drove off with their bus. First, we picked up some things from someone's house and sorted through those boxes. Afterwards we drove to the junkyard in Svendborg, where a special room is located, "Genbrugsrummet". People put stuff i

September 2020

Let my new life begin! My goal on here is to be honest, as I feel like it may help some people considering volunteering or going through the same things. So, honestly, my arrival day was pretty terrifying. My mom, her boyfriend, two dear friends of mine and me left at 4 am to drive to the airport. Everything felt extremely surreal. I didn't feel the euphoria I was expecting to feel, I was more anxious and just quiet. Anyways, we took our last Goodbyes and we all cried a little, it was like in a movie. After I cecked in I stopped crying because I was so confused while trying to find my flight. The flight was okay, even though I couldn't focus on anything: not my book, not on a series and not even on music. Copenhagen greeted me with sunshine, which was a nice surprised, as it had rained all the time in Vienna. I took a Corona-test and off to Nyborg I was. I had big problems finding the train station, but the people at the airport were all very helpful. On the train I started to